• Mission

    To redefine, reshape and uplift the Philippine Fashion by striking balance between Olpiana Andres' ethos and our Filipino Culture infused in our Bespoke and Made-to-Order pieces

  • Vision

    To unravel the exquisite wonder of the industry of Bespoke Tailoring & Made-to-Measure apparel by extending our presence to the Filipinas & women worldwide.

Our Values

  • Towards Our Clientele

    Converse with with empathy & genuine intentions.

    Create pieces that will amplify their purpose more.

    Connect them through our experiential visual aesthetics that they get to keep.

    Make Premium Filipino Fashion accessible worldwide

  • Towards our craftmanship and designs

    Cultivate a chic lifestyle & finding off-grid spots.

    Conventionally associate ideas of heritage & exclusivity with Filipino humor.

    Showcase our rich history and relate our Pre-Hispanic trade & culture to luxury.

    Create pieces that are more tactile and more tangible that can last a lifetime.

    Marry our creations to the valuable insights on life.