Hongkong Wool Blend - Binakul Pantsuit


The suit in hongkong wool-blend and woven binakul fabric from Bangued, Abra, is luxurious yet combines the dynamic feel of comfort and quality - thanks to the versatility of Bemberg lining. The look is styled with straight-cut lightweight trousers with side adjuster that will fit you regardless of your body shape. Another feature is the hem adjuster that will allow you to style the lenghth of your pants. These are the signature of an Olpiana Andres suit. The overall style is accentuated with multi-hued checkered prints on pockets and lapel sleeves , perfect for work and travel.

The style is only available in limited quantity. Delivery lead time is 3 weeks. Exact measurements may vary with each style. Kindly refer to our size chart and height chart to help you find your best fit.


Hongkong Wool-Blend, Binakul and Bemberg Lining


Adjustable Waist Band

Care & Maintenance

Dry clean only. Iron at low heat.

Color: Midnight Blue