Kantarines Butterfly Sleeves Set


•Pink & Magenta (Kantarines - Brocade)

    - Side button Kantarines - Brocade butterfly sleeves & pants set

•Orange & Brown (Kantarines-Binakul)

    - Side button Kantarines - Binakul butterfly sleeves & pants set
    Constructed from a tight yarn in horizontal and vertical woven patterns. Choose your style in brightly-patterned clothing like our kantarines-brocade or binakul-kantarines butterfly sleeves inspired by natural and historic scenery of North. Both styles represent freedom and the resilience of being a Filipina. You can modernize by jazzing up the style by wearing your favorite pair of boots and the top will contrast nicely with your favorite pair of trousers.

    The style is only available in limited quantity. Delivery lead time is 3 weeks. Exact measurements may vary with each style. Kindly refer to our size chart and height chart to help you find your best fit.

    Pink & Magenta: Kantarines and brocade fabric

    Orange & Brown: Kantarines and binakul fabric


    Adjustable waistband

    Care & Maintenance

    Gentle hand-wash using cold water, Do not Wring, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry, Hang to Dry, Low Heat Iron, or Dry Clean

    Color: Pink and Magenta